How to book an obituary ad

A step-by-step guide on how to book an obituary advertisement online.

  1. Check that you have obtained the required items listed below:

    Materials to prepare

    • Original death certificate
    • Photo of deceased (300dpi for digital photo)
    • Deceased’s name
    • Alias (if any)
    • Age
    • Departed Date (Time – optional)
    • Names of family members (parents, spouse, children, adopted children, in-laws, grandchildren, siblings, nephews/ nieces, uncles/ aunts, cousins, godparents/ godchildren, etc.). If any family member is deceased, name should be within brackets with word “deceased” or “late”, e.g.: (Tan Ah Kow, deceased) or (Late Tan Ah Kow).
    • Wake location
    • Service/ Prayer details (date, time, location)
    • Cortege date & time
    • Burial/ Cremation details (date, time, location)
    • Contact Number(s)
    • “No scrolls, wreaths required” message (if applicable)
    • Name of charity to make donations to (if applicable)
  2. Register your details with us.
  3. Choose your preferred publication and classification.
    Select the publication that you want (The Straits Times or Berita Harian), your classification (Obituary – Death Announcement, In Memoriam, Condolences or Acknowledgements). Then specify the date you wish your obituary advertisement to appear.
    Note: All obituary advertisements are in full colour.
  4. Choose your preferred Layout & Size.
    Similarly, choose your desired size from the options given or use the plus and minus signs to customize the height and width of your advertisement.
  5. Choose your preferred background from the options given.
  6. Compose your text in the Text Editor below.
    Your text should include important information like wake details, service/prayer details etc. See How to write an obituary ad for more information. Then click the “Next” button.
  7. A preview of your advertisement is now viewable on the Confirm page.
    Check to see that all details are in order. The window on the right hand side shows the size of your advertisement in relation to a full page of a newspaper. Then click the “Next” button.
  8. On the Upload Documents page, upload the scanned documents required in the file formats specified.
    You may send us any of your requests (e.g. when we should avoid calling you) under “Additional information”. Then click the “Next” button.
  9. On the Register page, provide your detail and our representative will contact you to confirm your order once it has been received and processed.
  10. A summary of your order details will be given on the Acknowledgement section