How to write an obituary ad

Different things are required for an obituary, Condolences, In Memoriam or Acknowledgements advertisement. See the Checklist page for more details.

For an obituary or In Memoriam advertisement, you can select verses or quotes that are in keeping with the deceased’s religion. For Condolences and Acknowledgements, write down the names of important people that you need to express your condolences to or thank beforehand so that you will be less likely to miss something out.

It is crucial that you do not omit important details when composing your obituary advertisement. Here are some things that you may want to include:

  1. Photo of deceased
  2. Deceased’s name
  3. Alias (if any)
  4. Age
  5. Departed date (time is optional)
  6. Names of family members (parents, spouse, children, adopted children, in-laws, grandchildren, siblings, nephews/nieces, uncles/aunts, cousins, godparents/godchildren, etc). If any family member is deceased, his or her name should be in brackets with the word “deceased” or “late”, e.g. (Tan Ah Kow, deceased) or (Late Tan Ah Kow)
  7. Wake location
  8. Service/prayer details (date, time, location)
  9. Funeral date and time
  10. Burial/cremation details (name of cemetery, cremation hall number, time)
  11. Contact number(s)
  12. “No scrolls, wreaths required” message – if applicable
  13. Name of charity to make donations to – if applicable